Friday, December 3, 2010


REVERB 10# i have already signed up doing reverb 10 giving youself  a kind of challenge, reflect on this year & manifest what's next.  You could sign up to receive a free daily prompt via email..  I think it is kind of wonderful for yourself telling story & documenting this past year, and you could reveal all this end of the year, and hopefully could improve yourself on next.. I love it.
Today, i've already sign my little one up be a YMCA member, then she could join their lovely progarmme, i am thinking it is time for her to ger more interactivity with other kids.  And also, it is time for me to connect with other people too.  Because, i am always staying at home with my kiddos. Teach them, doing my own business,  take a deep breath going out to get connection.  I need some fresh idea, otherwise, i couldn't get my biz to go further.  I know it will be keeping buzy too, life is more challenge, then you couldn't grow up more right..  :) .  I am thinking next year, what i will be doing,...
2.reading parenting book
3.doing freelance (get more money so i could invest on my biz)
4.making more my biz's stuff
6.learning more how to make fun jewelry.
7.doing exercis (healthy)
what's else...i will add more on my list.

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