Monday, December 6, 2010

Hello Monday

Hello Monday!! It is a new day i will expect what i am going to do this week.  At the weekend, i didn 't post any words of the day, so i am going to post on prompt 3# LOVE, because that night when i was hugging my little one while she was watching the christmas movie on trees house programme, she said to me mammy loves you, it makes me so sweet.
Prompt 4# parenthood/ how to be a good parent we have signed up the programme for enjoying your young little one.
Prompt 5# routine/ Sometimes, as a toddler parents, we need to discipline them how to behave, so i am thinking routine it should be for them.  We as a parents, not a single, every time we were going to somewhere we had to have a hour ahead before leaving, otherwise, we just throw a tantrum on them.
Prompt 6# mood/  Do i have a mood to creative for my biz or my work, let's get start it even though your little one spend you a half an hour placing her to take a nap.

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