Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year Resolutions

I have a lot of new year plans.  Actually, I don't want to give me overwhelmed, on the other way, i want to give me partical and meaningful year.  As i said before,  i really really love to this scrapbooker Ali Edwards, she gives me a lot of  inspiration and pursue me moving forward, thanks Ali Edwards. I think she is right, keep scrapbooking your live life.  So, I pick the new year words for me is "enjoying" and recording your 365  project.  I am trying to do this.
i really interest to read the other blogger one is the mom of two, her goals has a little bit like me, how to balance the relationship with my family, son, daughter and my business.  To be honest, it's not yet started, so i hope it will come ture in coming year.
-keep doing my freelance (otherwise i don't have extra money to invest)
-scrapbooking (manage my kids photos and my journals)
-learning sewing, corche, and knitting ( if i have a time)
-buying a new camera
-reading parenting book, art book etc
-doing more work out (if i have a time)
hoping to focus on those things...

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