Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ricardo b-day party

Ricardo's birthday party just done a few days. We were pre-celebrating his bparty at Funton in WM mall. They had two game only for over 3 years kid. That day, we had almost 18 kids attended. I thought totally exhuasted & overwhelmed. Here are the few shots for his b-day scene.
rory was standing with her friend & cousin Kayla.
Taking a pic with Aunt & Uncle.
Their grandmom visited from HK.

Thanks Amber baked the birthday cake for Ricardo. It's so declicious.

This cake bought in the 31st August. It was a weekday. So, his dad got to buy a ice birthday cake for him. Let him have a great surprise....

Make a wishe....ahhh....I wish have a lot of toys...hahahaha.....
he talked to my friend Cola....

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